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The age of tech: data is now truly the new oil – and still mostly unregulated

I just ran across this pretty amazing stat from Statista: the age of tech. Tech companies are now officially richer than oil / fossil fuel companies. I’ve been saying this for a while but it’s good to finally see some real stats on this concept. Note that while oil companies ...

Great piece on why DATA is indeed the new OIL: LinkedIn connects big data, human resources (via WaPo)

It’s big data meeting human resources. And that data, core to LinkedIn’s potential, could catapult the company beyond building careers and into the realms of education, urban development and economic policy. Chief executive Jeff Weiner put it this way in a recent blog post: “Our ultimate dream is to develop ...

Data is truly the new Oil: KPMG LUX reports on my presentation at the Luxembourg Business Compass Conference

“Big Data. Big Intelligence. Big Opportunities”  This was the message of futurist Gerd Leonhard at the Luxembourg Business Compass conference organised by KPMG and Luxemburger Wort. Gerd, a former musician and internet entrepreneur turned futurist, gave his view on how Luxembourg could find its niche in a highly networked future: ...


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