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TV Interview on the future of technology, banking, digital ethics & humanity: Gerd Leonhard SIBOS 2016

Watch this pretty far-ranging interview, covering a lot of really important themes from my book and of course from The Future Show LIVE which premiered at SIBOS 2016 as well Experience the future like never before with this innovative event concept designed for challenging decision makers. Technology is changing our world exponentially ...

My slides from Cognition (HfS) 2016 New York: digital ethics and the future of business

Here is the deck from today’s fabulous event in New York. Thanks to Phil Fersht for inviting me! digital-ethics-and-the-future-of-business-cognition-ny-gerd-futurist-public-web 11MB PDF Update: here is the MP3 audio recording, as well! Enjoy: Gerd is considered a leading voice on a wide range of topics including digital transformation and the discovery of digitally-native business models, the ...


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