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Stowe Boyd on Why Most Newspapers Will Fail: Deep Inertia

These are US numbers of course – but is Europe and Asia going to follow this trend – any commentanyone? Stowe Boyd • Why Most Newspapers Will Fail: Deep Inertia Last year, researchers at the Project for Excellence in Journalism persuaded six companies that own 121 newspapers to share private data about ...

New video: 5 customer engagement trends by Gerd Leonhard (future of marketing)

A short, new video of an interview with me, kindly produced and provided by mycustomer.com, recorded after a recent keynote engagement at the Tradedoubler conference in London, September 23, 2010, containing some useful nuggets on the future of marketing and advertising – take a look and let me know how ...

Quick podcast on The Future of Marketing

Prior to my talk at the Future of Digital Marketing conference in London, June 16, 2010 here is a quick audio preview of what I will talk about (if I can stay on-topic;). Stay tuned as I will publish the PDF after the event, here and of course on ...


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