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My presentation at the Envestnet 2016 event on Artificial Intelligence, Automation and the Future of Financial Services (Kerala, India)

Hers is the deck from the amazing Envestnet event in Trivandrum India today. This year, in the second edition of the Conference on Architecting Intelligence,we bring together Futurists, Bankers, Financial Advisors and Software Architects to exchange perspectives, share knowledge, challenge assumptions and empower businesses. Great Solutions happen at the intersection of disciplines. artificial-intelligence-robo-advisors-future-financial-services-gerd-leonhard-envestnet-trv-public  51 ...

The complete video of my recent keynote on artificial intelligence (Envestnet India Trivandrum Event)

Here it is, finally! Apologies for the rather undistinguished audio quality. More about this event here.  More about AI and me here and here and some images as usual

Architecting intelligence: AI as a utility – towards 2020. Here are the slides from the Envestnet Event in Trivandrum / India.

Envestnet TRV AI as utlity Gerd Leonhard Public Version-web  12MB PDF  Read more about this event here Download: via Dropbox high res 45 MB PDF  https://db.tt/bPbyGWDJ low res 12 MB PDF  https://db.tt/Vjg1rFlr


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