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My most popular video on Youtube: Music Like Water (Ericsson 2020 Shaping Ideas)

Check it out.  Thanks to Ericsson for the nice production work. See more videos at https://www.ericsson.com/campaign/20about2020/. "Music used to be a product that we bought piece by piece. Now it is becoming a public utility, says media futurist Gerd Leonhard, who argues that we will soon be constantly connected to ...

MUST WATCH: PressPausePlay Movie, related 9-minute excerpt of interview with me (future of music ++)!

I am delighted to be involved with PressPausePlay, a movie about digital creativity, funded and promoted by Ericsson, featuring people such as Hank Shocklee, Seth Godin, ZeFrank, Sean Parker, Larry Lessig and Mike Mesnick. And it's finally out and available! Here is what it's all about:  "The digital ...

New video: 11-minute summary on the networked society (my presentation at Ericsson event, Mobile World Congress 2011)

I was invited to do the opening keynote at Ericsson’s ‘Shaping the Networked Society’ event at this year’s mobile world congress (MWC) in Barcelona, on February 14, 2011, see my blog at https://gerd.fm/i9Dh9I. Some of the topics I covered include the challenges and opportunities of convergence (TV-Web, Mobile-Fixed, real money ...

Must-watch video by Steven Johnson: where good ideas come from

This is truly a must-watch video for anyone interested in innovation and entrepreneurship, via TedX Oxford. Steven Berlin Johnson's book (same title as the video) also rocks; it's next in my Kindle cue. I will have the  great pleasure of doing an Ericsson-presented panel discussion at the Mobile World Congress ...


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