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Is it time to become exponentially human?

By Gerd Leonhard, Future-Thinker and Humanist, Zürich, Switzerland, November 7, 2016 IS IT Time to become exponentially human? Machines can increasingly mimic the human brain and may indeed soon outpace it in certain respects such as calculations per second or storage capacity.  Yet I believe that for the foreseeable future no mechanical apparatus, ...

Watch Alain de Botton’s great talk on the philosophy of business and technology: the pursuit of wisdom

I really like Alain de Botton‘s work as it relates very much to my own desire to inject some #practicalwisdom (phronesis) into the conversation where- and whenever I speak to people and clients (yes, just like Alain, I have recently gone back to some ancient Greek philosophers for inspiration). I particularly love Alain’s comments ...


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