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Must watch video: Introducing the New Yorker iPad App (Jason Schwartzman)

Ran across this hilarious yet made-me-think video via a great piece on the future of print at Crunchgear.com – take a look. Related articles Music 2.0: The Future of Music. Gerd Leonhard at Telkom Indonesia Music Unlimited Event (slideshare.net) New video: Telemedia Futures: how open technologies will shape the future of business, media ...

Data is the new Oil: must-read PDF by the World Economic Forum

This report is a really great find, and a must-read for anyone interested in what can best be summarized as the convergence of the data and attention economies (thanks, HuffPo and Bianca Bosker) : Download PDF WEF_ITTC_PersonalDataNewAsset_Report_2011 “We are moving towards a “Web of the world” in which mobile communications, social ...

New Video: Gerd Leonhard, Media Futurist, at ictQATAR Connected Event

This is a very nicely produced video (and the speaker isn’t half bad either;).  The slideshow is embedded below. Future of Media: Gerd Leonhard @ICTQatar ConnectedSpeakers Event View more presentations from Gerd Leonhard Related articles The future of business: review of my talk at FPA business solutions conference (mediafuturist.com) Data is the new Oil: video ...


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