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New video: about being a Futurist, the future of education (Interview)

Uploaded by SaladaCorporativa on Dec 15, 2011 (note: these interviews are in English) Video em inglês. Nesse vídeo Gerd Leonhard, autor, palestrante, CEO da The Future Agency e Professor convidado da Fundação Dom Cabral fala sobre o que o é um futurista, a ...

The Future of Business in the Open Economy (video of my presentation at the Fundacao Dom Cabral, Brazil)

This is a rather lengthy (but worth it, I hope:) 90 minute+ video of my June 23, 2010 presentation on "New Insights: The Future of Business – trends, future scenarios and key insights" at the Fundacao Dom Cabral (FDC) in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The PDF with the slides can be downloaded ...

Complete video and audio from my appearance on Roda Viva / TV Cultura (Brazil), April 2010

This is the complete, 75-minute video of my appearance on Brazil’s most popular talk show on Public TV, called Roda Viva (on the TV Cultura channel). I was delighted to be invited to the show, and really enjoyed being ‘grilled’ by the super-smart journalists and Brazilian media experts in ...

Some great pictures from my session at Roda Viva / TV Cultura in Brazil

 Together with my colleague and Swiss leadership guru Didier Marlier I have been doing some interesting work with one of the leading business schools in Brazil, Fundacao Dom Cabral (more on that soon!). The last time I was there I also managed to do a very special engagement for ...


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