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Download Futurist Gerd Leonhard's books for free (PDF), via GerdCloud: Future of Content, Friction is Fiction and more

Greetings, as you may know, I have shared most of my books via my “GerdCloud” public dropbox folder for quite some time now.  Just in case you’ve missed this, here they are, individually. Happy reading!  Folder with PDFs of all books via GerdCloud The Future of Content (2011): Dropbox or direct download Friction is Fiction  (2010): Dropbox ...

Some of my best slides and images on the future of media, content and publishing

Here are a few ‘best-ofs’ from some recent presentations. All images are provided under creative commons attribution non-commercial license – re-use accordingly:) Download the PDF: The future of media bottom lines futurist speaker gerd leonhard-web   ...

The slides of my presentation on the future of Content and Marketing (Headoffice NL event October 17 2013)

Here are the slides from Headoffice’s Netherlands Content Marketing Event near Amsterdam, today. Great location and really great audience; I always enjoy speaking in the Netherlands as people are so curious, open and forward-looking (mostly:) Dropbox version 12MB PDF Own-cloud version (same file, different host)  

About Facebook – and their upcoming IPO (io9 piece and nice infographic)

A few days ago, I contributed a few comments to an io9 piece on the future of Facebook – read the whole thing here. Douglas Rushkoff is also quoted (and needless to say, he has a slightly different opinion on Facebook:) Here are some of my quotes: "Facebook has a bright future," ...

The impact of the iPod (Mashable), me: “genius of fake-control model”

Amy-Mae Elliott interviewed my for this nice Mashable piece the other day.  Here are some good snippets from me and from others that were interviewed: Leander Kahney, editor of Cult of Mac and author of The Cult of iPod, sees the iPod’s primary impact in terms of the “connected device. ...

The Future of Content in 140 Characters: Music=404, Ctrl=MiA, TeleMedia>6Y and GWHTLC !

Today, Jeff Pulver's 140 Character conference in London presented a whole new challenge to me: make a presentation on "The Future of Content" with less than 140 characters i.e. in true twitter style (at least as far as the headlines and bullets are concerned), and deliver it in 10 ...

New Content Logic: my presentation at TACD / Paris Accord Meetings

I just spend 2 very interesting days with the Trans-Atlantic Consumer Dialog people in Paris, for the new Paris Accord negotiations.  I held a very short (yes…I can do that, too) presentation on the Future of Content – here is the PDF, below. Please feel free to reuse under ...

The Future of Content starts with Open Platforms!

As I like to say: The Future of Content starts with Open Platforms, Open Standards and Open Licenses Getting paid with attribution, attention, traffic, reputation: Open Software Copyright Ruling tells us that attention equals money Open Really is King – especially now! Time for action: the music industry needs the same CHANGE that ...


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