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TED video with Edward Snowden: Here’s how we take back the Internet – must watch. Snowden nails it.

via Edward Snowden: Heres how we take back the Internet – YouTube. I think Edward should receive a pardon by President Obama, or permanent asylum in the EU. Both concepts might be illusional, though. But Edward is right on the money with what he’s saying, no doubt. Read my other posts on PRISM ...

The Internet in 2025

Interesting summary below. Cyber-utopia or prescient prediction? According to Hal Varian, chief economist for Google, “The biggest impact on the world will be universal access to all human knowledge. The smartest person in the world currently could well be stuck behind a plough in India or China. Enabling that person – ...

The future of the Internet, Telecom and ICT (my presentation at Capacity Middle East in Dubai, today)

Here are the slides, as promised. More about Capacity ME here. High res PDF 25MB via owncloud.  Low res PDF 5.2 MB via owncloud. gleonhard’s photostream on Flickr. Low res via Dropbox. High res via Dropbox.

▶ Highlights of my ‘Future of the Internet’ keynote at ITU Telecom World 2013 in Bangkok

▶ Highlights of Gerd Leonhard’s futurist keynote ITU Telecom World 2013 – YouTube.   Download the slides here

Map Puts China’s Incredible Internet Demographics in Context (via The Atlantic)

The Map That Puts China’s Incredible Internet Demographics in Context – Matt Schiavenza – The Atlantic. Nice map, made me think


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