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Everything You Know About Artificial Intelligence is Wrong (good gizmodo read)

“NYU research psychologist Gary Marcus has said that “virtually everyone” who works in AI believes that machines will eventually overtake us: “The only real difference between enthusiasts and skeptics is a time frame.” Futurists like Ray Kurzweil think it could happen within a couple of decades, while others say it ...

Apple vs. FBI: The tip of the iceberg as laws can’t keep up with tech

“This is a prelude of things to come, not only with encryption technologies, but everything from artificial intelligence to drones, robotics, and synthetic biology. Technology is moving faster than our ability to understand it and there is no consensus on what is ethical. It isn’t just the lawmakers who are ...

What if we don’t need advertising at all? Via Medium

“In the past we put up with being annoyed and yelled at by advertising. And now we’re putting up with being spied on and guessed at, personally, as well. But we don’t have to put up with any of it any more. That’s another thing digital life makes possible, even ...

The Technium: Why Kevin Kelly does not worry about a Super AI (and I quite disagree on that)

I like kk’s work but this dead-wrong !  Still — a good read. Read more about what I call ‘reductionism’ “The clear ethical programing AIs need to follow will force us to bear down and be much clearer about why we believe what we think we believe. Under what conditions do we ...

inverted totalitarianism

“The blind masses experiencing bread and circus adventures in Hyperreality while the ‘real’ world passes by entirely undetected. The ultimate triumph of inverted totalitarianism? In inverted totalitarianism, every natural resource and every living being is commodified and exploited to collapse as the citizenry is lulled and manipulated into surrendering their liberties ...

The age of digital ethics is beginning

…and everyone is buzzing with it: Accenture (digital trust, people first) CORDIS / EU (on Gerd Leonhard’s TedX talk) Watch Gerd Leonhard’s 2014 (!) Ted Talk on this Gerd’s Slideshare TedX

Is this all about freedom versus security? Apple vs the FBI

To be clear, I support Apple’s stand on this! Read Vivek Wadwha’s take on Apple vs FBI Read NYT’s opinion piece

When is great technology enough…?

Read more on TechCrunch  Point is, a little technology is amazing. But all technology, all the time is dystopia. And strutting and fretting our entire lives digitally is a reduction of the rich possibilities of life beyond the algorithm. Even as the increasingly comprehensive digital footprints we generate are also, ...

Our evolving relationship with technology

“Right now, at the frontier of technology, people are deciding the future of human-computer interaction. The Myo armband is one futuristic input among many. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for the United States (DARPA) has just announced that they’re developing a “cortical modem,” a direct neural interface that stimulates ...


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