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“Google, not GCHQ, is the truly chilling spy network” says John Naughton (The Guardian)

“one of the spooks with whom I discussed Snowden’s revelations waxed indignant about our coverage of the story. What bugged him (pardon the pun) was the unfairness of having state agencies pilloried, while firms such as Google and Facebook, which, in his opinion, conducted much more intensive surveillance than the ...

Futurist Gerd Leonhard: Open letter to the Partnership on AI (take 2)

When machines have an IQ of 50,000, what happens to human values and ethics? By Gerd Leonhard  Futurist , Author Technology vs Humanity The partnership on AI has just announced some new members and a board of trustees, and Apple has finally joined Facebook, Google / Deep Mind, IBM, Amazon and Microsoft. This development has ...

Google’s Sergey Brin on EU privacy laws “There’s a lot of vagueness there” (via Recode)

via Top 20 Code Conference Quotes | Re/code.  Pic below also via Recode. Thanks!

Hilarious fake Google Products (via PSFK)

These really hit the sweet spot I think…. read more at PSFK

Google, Facebook and other tech companies race to develop artificial intelligence – San Jose Mercury News

Google, Facebook and other tech companies race to develop artificial intelligence – San Jose Mercury News. This is a crucial topic. Read and think.

Videos, comments on Information that moves with you (new Google Moto360 watch): Big Data + NUI + LBS + AI

Read Android Wear: Information that moves with you – YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrqZl2QIz0c Very interesting videos, indeed. All looks very useful and seriously convenient for consumers, but imagine if smart and always-on devices like this become as common as car navigation, or indeed as mobile phones. Indispensable, addictive, self-learning (eventually)-  they will indeed become an ...

▶ Google Keep video via YouTube: a cool tool – but make Google the central depository of my life…? DataMYning is near, imho

via ▶ Google Keep – YouTube. This could indeed be very helpful – but OUTSOURCING MY BRAIN TO GOOGLE?  Is that really a good idea?  Imho, unless I am the owner of that data, 100%, and in charge of where it goes, I’d rather not have this all concentrated with one ...

10 diabolical businesses Google could launch (Via Steve Faktor and Linkedin)

Good read – makes you think about how technology needs to connect to ethics… Employment & Credit Screening. Great companies start with great people. But what if your candidate has a drug problem, weird fetish, or massive gun collection? Almost every person on the planet has typed their deepest darkest secrets ...

Great piece on QZ.com: Google screenless computing, voice-control, future of interfaces

Read the full piece on QZ.com and then think about the implications of this … it boggles the mind.  If this cool MotoX phone has a mic that is ‘always listening’ then I, personally, wouldn’t feel save about having it around – much like the web camera on my Samsung ...


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