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The future of work: technology is rapidly automating every single job that has any machine-like component (my guest post at Economic Times India)

… just went live here.   Download the PDF: economic times india gerd leonhard future of work or read more, below. “The concept of ‘work’ has been at the heart of both the industrial as well as the information society, along with ‘jobs’ and ‘growth’ and that most rapidly outmoding term, GDP (expect ...

Internet in India

https://qz.com/66146/why-only-3-of-india-has-home-internet-access/ Some useful new stats Consider this Gallup survey from January, which polled citizens around the globe about whether they have home internet access: While only 3% of Indians answered “yes,” in China, 34% confirmed home internet access, with 51% penetration in Russia and 40% in Brazil. For comparison, 80% of adults in the ...

Inequality is a major issue for 2012

…exemplified in this picture taken from one of the largest favelas in Rio de Janeiro. The trend towards the rich getting richer and the poor remaining poor while the middle class does whatever it takes to move up the foodchain is a major societal problem not just in the USA ...


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