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Cloud-based music streaming trends: told you so!

From a new eMarketer post (and related report), here are some interesting snippets: "In a sign of how important online streaming and subscription music services have become to the recording industry, trade publication Billboard recently updated its weekly Hot 100 song chart to include data from Spotify, Slacker, ...

Techdirt explains why Piracy Is Indispensable For The Survival Of Our Culture

Some good points are made in this piece below. If the choice is to follow the law as it is ie. the re-Internet law, or do something that is absolutely worth doing, and a benefit to society at large, then where will that leave most people in a digital society? ...

The impact of the iPod (Mashable), me: “genius of fake-control model”

Amy-Mae Elliott interviewed my for this nice Mashable piece the other day.  Here are some good snippets from me and from others that were interviewed: Leander Kahney, editor of Cult of Mac and author of The Cult of iPod, sees the iPod’s primary impact in terms of the “connected device. ...

New video: my talk at MidemNet Academy 2011 on Innovation: music industry learnings from other industries

This is a good one – loads of information in here, and pretty well recorded. More details and PDF with all slides, here. Enjoy and spread the word. Subscribe to my video RSS feed, here, if you want (download all videos directly to iTunes, watch on your iPod etc).   Related articles 2010 ...

Social Media for Music Professionals (Berklee College of Music Seminar)

Last week, while in Boston, I was invited by my Alma Mater (Berklee College of Music) to do a workshop on how social media can help musicians and music professionals to build a better career for themselves.  The PDF is here (8MB), and the M4V file (iPod, 500 MB) ...


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