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Article: Why Kodak’s bankruptcy should scare Nokia (gigaom)

The "Fear of cannibalizing your existing business for the sake of the future" can indeed kill you. In other words, unwillingness to question your assumptions is deadly. Why Kodak’s bankruptcy should scare Nokia — Tech News and Analysis "As my friend Pip Coburn says, turnarounds never turn. Kodak has been in ...

Barcelona to Get Contactless Payments (but …)

My Comment: the biggest problem with this is privacy – how can I be sure that my payments don't  end  up getting tracked by 'the wrong people'…? Read Cory Doctorow's cool and very scary novel "little brother" do get an update on what could be our future very soon. Barcelona to ...

2020Plus: Social Futurist’s Twelve Trends for 2012

De-Gadgetisation – 2012 will see a drive to recalibrate our reliance on digital communications. New studies will emerge showing the impact of Absent Presence and Constant Partial Attention, which limit human ...

New video: TeleMedia Futures presentation at Total Telecom 2011 (London)

This is a self-recorded video of my keynote speech on 'TeleMedia Futures: Making the most of the Content Opportunity' at the recent Total Telecom conference in London, Nov 7 / 8, 2011. Apologies for the somewhat less than perfect recording quality (note that the crackling sound that starts at about ...

New video: the Future of Content, my Keynote at Colombia 3.0 (SPANISH)

Here are both parts (90 minutes plus 35 minutes) of my keynote speech on The Future of Content at Colombia 3.0 October 7 2011 see https://www.colombiatrespuntocero.com The panel discussion afterwards can be viewed here, as well (all in Spanish). Note: even though I am actually presenting in English the overdup ...


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