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Immediate Media Futures: my preso at the Guardian CMS: data is the new oil; forcing to buy is like… forcing to love

I really enjoyed being at the Guardian's Changing Media Summit in London, last week. Not only is the Guardian one of my favorite online news-sources but I also got a chance to talk to Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales, during the event, and I met tons of great and inspiring people ...

Presentation, audio and video from the Books 2.0 event in London: the Future of Books & Publishing

Updated: this post now includes Dominic Pride’s presentation, embedded below. I also just added the audio version of my presentation (sorry for the rather poor quality), as well as the front-row-shoot with a video of my presentation, below; please note that this is the ‘unofficial version’, quickly recorded with ...

Join me for the Books2.0 event in London March 19!

This event will be a total blast: "The Future of Books & Publishing", March 19 (am), 2010, at Olswang London. Here is a quick intro video, below. Don't miss this event if you are in the books / writing / publishing business. There are few seats left (it's a ...

Some invitations left: Future of Telecom, Media & Technology (TMT) at BLP Law in London, January 13, 2010

If you are interested in attending please contact me (eMail, Twitter); they have very few places left. It's a free event but reserved for senior executives in the TMT sectors.  The New Year Revolution – Event January 2010 We would like to invite you to The New Year Revolution: an insight ...

The Future of Digital Content and the coming Tele-Media Ecosystem (my presentation at Telco2.0 conference)

It was a pleasure and a privilege to be invited to the Telco2.0 Executive Brainstorm event in London, today, and to address a roomful of telecom  & media executives that were – as it says in the conference tagline – looking for a way to 'reduce the friction in the ...


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