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New podcast on the future of music revenue

… just went live on Soundcloud, thanks to Peter Petro.  We had a nice chat and this podcast nails some of the big issues, but I am kind of retiring from music business stuff right now – it just keeps turning around in circles, it seems (heading towards peak dysfunctionality).

Robert Scoble at Midem 2013: Music in the Age of Context (Video)

Nice talk by Robert Scoble, at MIDEM 2013 – I didn’t go this year because I am kinda done with the music business, but this must have been a highlight:) Robert Scoble: Music in the Age of Context – Midem Visionary Monday 2013 – YouTube.   Midem Visionary Monday: The Age of ...

Poor Fan Engagement Is Costing Music Industry $450M – $2.7B Annually [Nielsen Study] via Hypebot

Here is an interesting factoid via Hypebot (one of the few decent sites on the future of the music business:). In this context please take a look at my 2007 Open Letter to the Independent Music Industry – you’ll find some hints there, as well (alas… too little too late?). ...

Video Interview on ShowGo.tv and The Future of Music (via Brian Gruber)

Just got this video from my friend and ShowGo.TV Founder and CEO Brian Gruber. We recorded this video in January 2013 in Half Moon Bay, CA. I am an advisor to ShowGo.tv and really like their model and offering; do take a look and spread the word – this will ...


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