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Genetically Modified Food is the Future, says Nicholas Negroponte (me, I’m not so sure about that)

In the food department you could argue that genetics is their equivalent of [digital] bits and that you can create meat synthetically from the genes of meat.  In other words you can do artificial meat.  People are doing it at the moment.  So, you know, just a tiny sample of ...

▶ Must watch TED talk: Nicholas Negroponte: A 30-year history of the future: “swallow a pill and know English”

MUST-WATCH! MIT Media Lab founder Nicholas Negroponte takes you on a journey through the last 30 years of tech. The consummate predictor highlights interfaces and innovations he foresaw in the 1970s and 1980s that were scoffed at then but are ubiquitous today. And he leaves you with one last (absurd? brilliant?) ...


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