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The evilfication of Facebook: boiling frogs, faustian bargains, and the pleasure trap: 10 arguments for quitting Facebook (UPDATED)

This post will be updated regularly as I’m deciding on what to do about my Facebook  presence.  Thanks for all your votes btw – you can see the results up to this point here or below. For now, I have decided to dial back 95% as far as my Facebook usage ...

F.C.C. Will Consider ‘Hybrid’ Approach to Net Neutrality: great video!

F.C.C. Will Consider ‘Hybrid’ Approach to Net Neutrality. The Federal Communications Commission will soon consider a proposal that would grant the agency regulatory authority over the flow of Internet traffic between content providers and Internet service providers, the New York Times reports. The so-called “hybrid” solution would establish a distinction between “wholesale” and “retail” transactions, and is the latest ...


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