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My presentation at StartMuseum Duisburg: Social Media & Museums (in German)

This one is in German language: my thoughts on Social Media and Museums. Note that there is still lots of English language stuff in there… give it a whirl. Präsentation vom StartMuseum 2010 Event in Duisburg: Soziale Medien und Museen (Twitter) You can download the high-resolution PDF via Slideshare (below, approx. ...

Friction is Fiction: the Future of Media & Business (my presentation at Next10 Berlin)

Next10 was  nice event; lot's of good conversations there. In the morning (May 11, 2010), I gave a presentation on the topic of my last book, "Friction is Fiction". You can download the book's PDF via Lulu (for $3.99) or buy the newly updated black & white dead tree version ...

Some previews of my Books 2.0 presentation this coming Friday (March 19, London)

Here are 4 'scenes' from my upcoming presentation at the Books 2.0 event in London, March 19. I still have a few seats reserved for my tweeps and blog-readers – ping me if you are interested (yes, it's still a free event;). I will publish my slides on this blog, ...

MidemNet 2010 Presentation: The New Generatives – selling Music in a connected World

This is the PDF from my presentation at MidemNet 2010: Download Gerd MidemNet Academy new generatives for Music Public 25.1 MB PDF Please note: this is slightly different from what I actually presented this morning – please stay tuned for the audio and video versions of this talk, via the MidemNet ...

Inspiring example: Making The Economist social (via Social Media today)

Image by gleonhard via Flickr I found this snippet on SocialMediaToday.com and it's clearly a trend we are going to see everywhere, in 2010: companies as well as individuals and organizations will put social media on the forefront of their 'marketing' efforts. "The FT says that Economist publisher Ben Edwards hopes that ...

Content: the past, and the future – we must challenge our assumptions

In the past – i.e. pre-web, pre-mobile, pre-social-media, pre-twitter, pre-facebook, pre-realtime – most larger players in the content industries were focusing on controlling distribution, production and marketing;  it was all about scale and domination, and about achieving hit-driven, repeatable mass-market success. The Internet has completely changed this (or rather, ...


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