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If Edward Snowden had not revealed the NSA’s sweeping surveillance of Americans… (Reining in the NSA)

This is an astounding turn of event – imagine if Snowden had not brought this all to light. In many ways, he’s truly a pivotal character.  Maybe President Obama will even pardon him …:) “If Edward Snowden had not revealed the NSA’s sweeping surveillance of Americans, Congress would have simply renewed ...

MUST WATCH: CITIZENFOUR UK trailer – the new film by Laura Poitras, featuring Edward Snowden – YouTube

CITIZENFOUR UK trailer – a film by Laura Poitras, featuring Edward Snowden – YouTube. Next in my iTunes cue (too bad Netflix does not have it)

Interesting Chart: NSA Monitoring Practices Face Stiff Opposition | Statista

• Chart: NSA Monitoring Practices Face Stiff Opposition | Statista. This is an interesting chart provided by Statista  – 3x as many people think this is OK in the US vs Germany. But even in the US, only 37% agree. It seems to me we have a bunch of really different world-views ...

TED video with Edward Snowden: Here’s how we take back the Internet – must watch. Snowden nails it.

via Edward Snowden: Heres how we take back the Internet – YouTube. I think Edward should receive a pardon by President Obama, or permanent asylum in the EU. Both concepts might be illusional, though. But Edward is right on the money with what he’s saying, no doubt. Read my other posts on PRISM ...

My guest post at The Guardian: Why advertisers should back a global Digital Bill of Rights

Running up to next Tuesday’s Guardian Advertising Summit in London (Oct 8 2013) where I will be giving the closing keynote speech as part of a panel discussion  I was invited to contribute a guest post to The Guardian which happens to be my favorite english-language news organization and overall ...

Heading into a world of total surveillance (nice illustration by TJ Blackwell via Flickr)

“One nation under CCTV” Is this where we are going because we apparently need to a) be reached with marketing messages  b) not pay for services (ie pay with our data instead) c) maintain some sense of security ….?  

Latest revelations on how the NSA and other government agencies are foiling encryption, plus a timely futurist’s conversation on privacy and security (Ross Dawson and Gerd Leonhard)

Today, Glenn Greenwald and his team published a pretty mind-boggling story on the Guardian (header image is via The Guardian, too, btw). The NYT went along for the ride, as well (good to see that). The Guardian piece reveals another chapter in the Edward Snowden saga which, incredibly, seems to get ...

Kill U.S. web firms’ license to operate in Europe, German privacy officials urge (via GigaOm)

David Meyer of GigaOm writes a very sharp and astute comment here; excerpts below. “The Safe Harbor agreement between the U.S. and Europe, which allows American web firms to process European customers’ personal data, is under serious threat in the wake of Edward Snowden’s NSA surveillance revelations….the privacy officials said there ...

Yes: People Are Changing Their Internet Habits Now That They Know The NSA Is Watching

Read more at Fast Coexist . ..according to a new analysis from Annalect, a digital data and analytics firm, two months of ongoing discussion about online privacy have actually had major impacts on consumer behavior. Online consumers, riled by political sentiments or not, are changing their privacy and tracking settings–and if ...

US businesses stand to lose up to $35B as a result of PRISM – Boing Boing

How Much Will PRISM Cost the U.S. Cloud Computing Industry? [PDF], a report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation — a highly regarded DC think-tank — estimates that the US cloud computing companies will lose $22-$35 billion as a result of customers’ nervousness about PRISM and other spying programs. ...


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