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5 powerful talks about the quest for equality in the United States

https://blog.ted.com/2013/04/08/5-powerful-talks-about-the-quest-for-equality-in-the-united-states/ Freeman Hrabowski was a 9th grader in Birmingham, Alabama, when he heard a dynamic, impassioned speaker at church — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. At the time, King was organizing a march for children, and Hrabowski begged his parents to let him be a part of it.

Your Reputation Will Be The Currency Of The Future

https://www.fastcoexist.com/1681790/your-reputation-will-be-the-currency-of-the-future In The Nature Of The Future: Dispatches From The Socialstructed World, Marina Gorbis argues we are moving away from the depersonalized world of institutional production toward a new economy built on social connections and rewards–a process she calls socialstructing.

5 Brands Winning at Crowdsourcing

https://www.digiday.com/brands/5-brands-winning-at-crowdsourcing/ Crowdsourcing isn’t anything new. Just read The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio, a testimonial of a mother in the 1950’s who made a living writing advertising jingles for contests brands were holding. Top brands like Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Oreo are turning to the crowd.

IDG boss Bob Carrigan: ‘The curse of many publishers is they hold on to print for too long’

https://www.themediabriefing.com/article/2013-03-13/carrigan-idg-interview Digital disruption stalks the media industry. New technologies threaten to make old ones obsolete every week. So publishers covering the technology industry are closer to the eye of the storm than most. But tech publisher IDG has turned this to its advantage.

Apps: The New Corporate Cost-Cutting Tool

https://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324678604578342690461080894.html TRUMBULL, Conn.—The biggest mall in town stopped staffing its customer-service desk in January. But perched on that same desk recently was a plastic cutout of a hand holding a smartphone. “Download the free app,” it said. Apps may be creating new jobs for developers and marketers.

An introduction to hacking the future

https://www.no-straight-lines.com/blog/an-introduction-to-hacking-the-future/ In Chapter 8 – NSL explores why the concept of hacking – the means of exploring new ways of dealing with significant challenges is a key aspect of moving towards building better societies, organisations and economies. This chapter joins up the dots of the 6 principles of No Straight ...

If data is the new oil, publishers should be ready to go to war over it

https://www.marketingweek.co.uk/opinion/if-data-is-the-new-oil-publishers-should-be-ready-to-go-to-war-over-it/4005997.article Data is being heralded as a way to arrest the declining revenues of digital but there’s a problem with giving it away too cheaply. Wise words indeed, but a key point was not addressed on the conference stage – rather it was one raised with me on the ...

Interesting story: Mark Bowles, ecoATM recycles mobile phones

https://www.smartplanet.com/blog/business-brains/disruptor-mark-bowles-ecoatm/26762 If ecoATM founder Mark Bowles ever invites you to a board meeting, make sure to bring a wetsuit. You’ll be visiting a California beach, not a conference room.

We Need To Redesign Our Economy To Make It Work For Profits, People, And The Planet

https://www.fastcoexist.com/1681411/we-need-to-redesign-our-economy-to-make-it-work-for-profits-people-and-the-planet When the richest quarter of the world’s population uses about half of our global resources–and take the liberty to produce half of the global waste–while another third live in poverty, it is clear that our economic and societal systems are failing us.

Science reveals what really increases Twitter followers

https://www.poynter.org/latest-news/mediawire/205411/science-reveals-what-really-increases-twitter-followers/ The world of science has some new advice for people who want to increase their Twitter following, and it may sound something your mother used to say: If you don’t have anything nice to tweet, don’t tweet at all.


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