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Article: Five Resolutions for Aspiring Leaders – HBR

Some good points here, see below. "Asking more questions than you answer" is a good way to put it – certainly not an easy position when everyone demands to 'hear the future' but still, a good motto for my 2012 work I think. Five Resolutions for Aspiring Leaders – John Coleman ...

New video: 11-minute summary on the networked society (my presentation at Ericsson event, Mobile World Congress 2011)

I was invited to do the opening keynote at Ericsson’s ‘Shaping the Networked Society’ event at this year’s mobile world congress (MWC) in Barcelona, on February 14, 2011, see my blog at https://gerd.fm/i9Dh9I. Some of the topics I covered include the challenges and opportunities of convergence (TV-Web, Mobile-Fixed, real money ...

Egosystems become Ecosystems: the future of media, marketing and business (my presentation at DoLectures 2010)

Blogging this aboard a train from Wales to London; on my way back from one of the most amazing events I have attended in a long time: DoLectures in Cardigan, Wales (UK); see more details at their blog, here. I was invited to speak on one of my key topics: ...

AllTop: presenting my favorite feeds from around the Web, AllTop + Instapaper = better than RSS?!

Guy Kawasaki's Alltop is a great way to tap into the flow of the best blogs and their RSS feeds from all over the web, without having to use a feed-reader. As an example, check out my Alltop recommendations; these are constantly updated via RSS and work great on the ...

Official Google Reader Blog: The Guardian offers full-length RSS feeds now – great!

Link: Official Google Reader Blog: Reading The Guardian, full-text style."The Guardian just moved all of their RSS feeds from partial to full-text. They are the first major newspaper in the world to do so, and this is, well, great news…"  Openness wins.


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