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The Man With the Google Glasses (via NYTimes.com), watch this video

On the one hand, the video is a testament to modern technology’s extraordinary feats — not only instant communication across blocks or continents, but also an almost god-like access to information about the world around us. The Man in the Google Glasses can find his way effortlessly through the mazes of ...

The video of my presentation at the Google Think-Travel event in Sydney: the consumer of tomorrow

This is a brand-new and very nicely produced video – a big thank-you to Google Australia for making it available so quickly. If you are in the travel business, do make sure to watch this video, and check out the other speakers and their presentations, as well. Enjoy, RT, ...

Google + : funny video about ‘circles’

Love it – nice to add some humor to this topic. Google + does seem to be taking off like a fire cracker – add me to your circles if you want 🙂 Related articles THE NEXT WEB: Meet the top 20 brands on Facebook (blogrunner.com)

Very cool Google image search update: just drop an image into the search box!

… could be potentially very powerful for my research work: just drop an image into the Google Images search box and find lots of related stuff. Nice. Related articles Google Search By Image (laughingsquid.com) Google launches Search By Image (holykaw.alltop.com) Google Search By Image: Use A Snapshot As Your Search Query (techcrunch.com) New video: Telemedia ...

A must-watch cross-cultural ping-pong: Musicians@Google: Google Goes Gaga (video)

This is a really interesting and often hilarious video of Google’s Marissa Mayer interviewing Lady Gaga, found just now via FastCompany. Now, I don’t care a whole lot about Lady Gaga’s music (or did you really expect me to?) but this is indeed a very interesting and unique setting: über-celebrity-pop-cult ...

Video: The Future of Selling in a connected World (Google Insights event in Zurich, June 2010)

Finally, here is the video from the Google Insights event in Zurich, on June 10, 2010 (please go here for my previous post on this, as well as the PDF and the embedded slideshow). Download the M4V file (350MB)

Google Map Navigation for Android Mobile: again, Google makes things better – and free!

Google is the master of creative disruption: if you are an Android-OS powered mobile user, great maps and the best navigation tools have just become a available to you, for free. Tough to beat that one, Tom-Tom, Garmin etc – or what?   Says Google's blog: "Today we're excited to ...


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