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My presentation at Singularity University NL in Amsterdam today: ethics in the age of exponential change

Dropbox download 17MB PDF https://db.tt/NAgnPhe5 Direct download (same file) ethics in the age of exponential change gerd leonhard SUNL keynote More details on this event here. Thanks to Yuri van Geest for inviting me. Some of the key slides, below.  

Amazing slideshow by Yuri Van Geest: quanitied self, human-machine futures, DIY and more – must read!

I have seen Yuri speak several times and we have met on quite a few occassions – this slideshow is very powerful and probably one of his best ones, so-far. Cutting edge overview of the best mobile campaigns, new interfaces, mobile, mHealth, Quantified Self, Singularity, Singularity University and the broader DIY ...

What Does Technology Look Like in an Age of Abundance? | Peter Diamantis

Some good thinking here, below. But still, I wonder if 'exponential growth' is really what we need, going forward, and this is precisely the kind of operating paradigm that worries me about the singularity movement. Any thoughts, anyone? What Does Technology Look Like in an Age of Abundance? | Endless Innovation ...


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