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The Open Web Is Dead – Long live the Open Web. Good read by Chris Saad: lead don’t just cheerlead !

Insightful post, below. Main point for me: LEAD don't just cheerlead 😉 The Open Web Is Dead – Long live the Open Web | Chris Saad Lead not just cheerlead In our obsession with being seen by our micro-audiences as ‘thought leaders’ or ‘futurists’ it’s always very tempting to watch which way the ...

Indicatr hunch: Instapaper iPhone (read webpages on your iPhone, offline)

 Further to Monday's announcement on my new venture, Indicatr, here is a new video about the amazing, 'green' and addictive Instapaper iPhone app. I blogged about this last year but it just keeps getting better – no more printing for me; I just bookmark all those cool webpages and ...

I just ordered the new ‘International’ Kindle eReader: the reading revolution has started!

Amazon rocks, once again. Jeff Bezos made a deal with AT&T for 3G roaming so now I can get my books pretty much anywhere in the world, anytime; and without worrying about my iPhone’s battery;). The new ‘Kindle wireless reading device’ looks set to deliver what I have wanted for ...

AllTop: presenting my favorite feeds from around the Web, AllTop + Instapaper = better than RSS?!

Guy Kawasaki's Alltop is a great way to tap into the flow of the best blogs and their RSS feeds from all over the web, without having to use a feed-reader. As an example, check out my Alltop recommendations; these are constantly updated via RSS and work great on the ...


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