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The Open Web Is Dead – Long live the Open Web. Good read by Chris Saad: lead don’t just cheerlead !

Insightful post, below. Main point for me: LEAD don't just cheerlead 😉 The Open Web Is Dead – Long live the Open Web | Chris Saad Lead not just cheerlead In our obsession with being seen by our micro-audiences as ‘thought leaders’ or ‘futurists’ it’s always very tempting to watch which way the ...

Cool IT leader board. Google is the leader:)

Via Greenpeace Blogs - note: Google is the leader:) www.twitter.com/gleonhard i.mediafuturist.com for mobile updates Related articles (via MediaFuturist: Seth Godin on 2012: 2 must-watch videos. The… (futureof.biz) New Video: Zukunft der Medien / Future of Media (MediaFutureDay TPC Switzerland – in German) (mediafuturist.com) Gerd Leonhard: The Future of Business, shared by @gleonhard – Here's a few screenshots ...

The Futures Agency now has its own Facebook company page, stop by and ‘like’ us:)

My new company, The Futures Agency, just launched its own company page on Facebook, here. Many of TFA's partners will be posting regular updates here, and share videos, slideshows and images, so be sure to come by and LIKE us to stay connected.  Thanks! Related articles The Futures Agency has a ...

My presentation at MidemNet Academy in Cannes: Innovation ideas for the music industry

Here is the PDF from today's event at MIDEM 2011 in Cannes, as promised (5.5 MB PDF) More details soon! Check out the Musically blog coverage, and the twitter buzz. Related video (5 minute introduction), below. Related articles 2010 brings further decline in U.S. recorded music sales, time to face ...

Some previews of my Books 2.0 presentation this coming Friday (March 19, London)

Here are 4 'scenes' from my upcoming presentation at the Books 2.0 event in London, March 19. I still have a few seats reserved for my tweeps and blog-readers – ping me if you are interested (yes, it's still a free event;). I will publish my slides on this blog, ...

MidemNet 2010 Presentation: The New Generatives – selling Music in a connected World

This is the PDF from my presentation at MidemNet 2010: Download Gerd MidemNet Academy new generatives for Music Public 25.1 MB PDF Please note: this is slightly different from what I actually presented this morning – please stay tuned for the audio and video versions of this talk, via the MidemNet ...


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