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Collaborative consumption and car-sharing (check out this cool site)

"A car used to be the ultimate symbol of freedom and independence but increasingly consumers view ownership as an expense and a burden. Often considered the gateway to other forms of Collaborative Consumption, Car Sharing is becoming increasingly popular with its… …promise of personal convenience and social improvement. It is time ...

Quick note to the music industry: enforcing control when trust is crucial is not a good idea.

Digital music sales in the U.S. grow a paltry 1% from 2009 to 2010 – while just about everyone is getting wired, mobile and social, the recorded music industry can't even manage more than stagnation. Control still matters more than money, I guess (ask Spotify). Summary of Nielsen music sals ...

Is traditional content licensing fit for the digital age?

It seems like every single day I read about how Internet and mobile companies are struggling to obtain the rights for what they want to do, whether it's about music, videos, TV shows, films, articles, text and images. Here are some quick examples: GoogleTV just can't seem to get the TV ...

Why Spotify won’t solve the structural problems of the music industry (video interview at Monaco Media Forum)

Fellow Futurist and Keynote Speaker Monty Metzger recorded this video while we were both attending the Monaco Media Forum in November 2009. Some bottom lines: Giving fair and reasonable permission is a much better strategy than complaining about so-called digital piracy The problems of the music industry are way beyond Spotify, and ...

Why Fabchannel.com died – and the reasons haven’t changed!

I am doing some research on the online video / virtual club space and just ran across a very interesting blog post by Justin Kniest, Founder and CEO of the now defunct Fabchannel.com. I know, this post is from March 2009 but what he is saying, below, is (unfortunately) ...

Spotify rocks – but without a compulsory, public digital music license they are doomed

 Update: a good comment by TelecomTV (Ian Scales) – I especially love their addendum to Spotify's logo: "Not Licensed to Kill" – great summary. Before I get into the meat of this post, let me say this, for the record: I really like Spotify, the official new darling  among the ...


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