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The future’s bright? Capacity Magazine about my work on the future of telecom and ICT

This piece just went online today.   Gerd Leonhard, futurist: The future’s bright? Data will be the next oil, according to futurist Gerd Leonhard. Given the major drive from countries across the Gulf to reduce their economic dependency on oil, Leonhard certainly knows how to make a statement. He is also most ...

OTT Messaging has already surpassed SMS (says Business Insider): TeleMedia is near:)

One of my most popular topic in the past 3 years has been the coming convergence of Telecom and Media i.e. TeleMedia. Here, below is another data point that I kinda saw coming a few years ago: more people use Over-The-Top / OTT messaging apps (like iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber) than ...

The Future of Content & Telecoms: new video of my presentation at the eComm Conference (March 2009)

Video: The Future of Content & Telecoms: Flat Rate Content Bundles and Social Media (Gerd Leonhard) via the eComm blog. Note that eComm Europe was just announced, as well (Oct 28-30, in Amsterdam). Gerd Leonhard's Presentation at eComm 2009 View more PDF documents from eCommConf. And here is the PDF with my ...

21st century telecom & content ecology: new video with narrated slideshow

Just recorded this a few days ago: the content & telecom economies are converging – watch why this is important. Related articles by Zemanta The Future of ICT / TIME: Futurist Gerd Leonhard in Cologne (NSN) (slideshare.net) IBM: Telecoms will need to do more to prosper in the emerging 'TeleMedia' chain (mediafuturist.com) The Future ...

The Future of Content & Telecom: my presentation at the Emerging Communications Conference in San Francisco

As promised, here is the PDF with the slides from my presentation at today's eComm Conference in San Francisco (sorry for the delay in posting this – had to have dinner first;) Download Future of Content & Telecom Gerd Leonhard @ eComm Conf 2009 PDF Summary: " Imagine a world where unfiltered and ...

Interview & Podcast on Telcos/ISPs and Content 2.0 (prior to speaking at the Emerging Communications Conference next week)

Media Futurist on Telcos/ISPs and Content 2.0 – Emerging Communications Blog. A week last Monday Lee Dryburgh, Founder of the eComm Conference interviewed me via Skype. You can download it as a 96kbps MP3 via the event's blog, above (24.1 meg, 37 minutes). Additionally the full transcript is there as well. I am ...


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