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Update: VIDEO and pdf with my slides. Agency Symposium in Hunter Valley (AUS): the future of advertising, marketing and agencies

More information on this event here.  Download the PDF: Future of Business Marketing Advertising Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard Public-web  8.5MB Dropbox version (same file). Dropbox high res version (34 MB PDF) NEW: the video is now available   The Future Of Business, Media And Advertising – The Next 5 Years The exponential progress in technology is ...

▶2 short BBC Interviews on the Future of Television (Futurist Gerd on YouTube)

▶ Gerd Leonhard BBC Interview on the Future of Television – YouTube. These clips were recorded in NY in 2012. Thanks to the BBC for making this available.  

Great Atlantic piece on the Future of TV, and Netflix

Read the whole thing here. That’s because “television,” he says, is a word that’s lost all meaning I don’t know how much longer the idea of a “season” will be something that we feel like we need to adhere to in television. Even the idea of an episode. I think with streaming, ...

Media: increasing Audience Fragmentation is certain

…as the chart blow shows (I just ran across this on Tumblr somewhere, and added it to my photo stream which means I can’t find the original source anymore – sorry about that, attribution-lovers ;). The percentage of US TV viewers that have watched the same show has steadily declined ...

In the Multiscreen World, Context Is King (Nikesh Arora via Harvard Business Review)

Some very good snippets here, see below – Context is King, indeed. In the Multiscreen World, Context Is King – Nikesh Arora – Harvard Business Review. Part of the reason for this is that we can no longer deduce a customer’s context purely by the device she is using. We used to ...

What Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ Means For The Future Of TV – Forbes

Good read What Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ Means For The Future Of TV – Forbes. The TV players remain highly vibrant and profitable and are unlikely to be bowed, which is why Apple has had trouble inking content deals and, with their hard nosed approach, will most likely continue to falter. So, all ...

PDFs and resources from today’s webinar on The Future of Television (with Stowe Boyd)

In case you missed our webinar on SocialTV and the Future of Television, today (shame on you;): the video will go live in a few hours (assuming the recording actually worked) on my Youtube Webinars playlist. And here are the slides we used (creative commons non-commercial, attribution licensed, as usual): Gerd, ...

The future is already here: Samsung introduces gesture, voice controlled TV

Pretty amazing stuff. Next stop: Telemedia Related articles Gerd Leonhard: New video: My Keynote on Broadband Futures (from the future with high-speed broadband conference in Auckland) (mediafuturist.com) Gerd Leonhard: The Future of Business, shared by @gleonhard – Here's a few screenshots from various… (mediafuturist.com)

Why The Movie Industry Can’t Innovate and the Result is SOPA (via Steve Blank)

Good read and nice list of examples Why The Movie Industry Can’t Innovate and the Result is SOPA « Steve Blank "The Movie Industry and Technology Progress. The music and movie business has been consistently wrong in its claims that new platforms and channels would be the end of its businesses. In ...

People of the Screen – and what it means (new video)

Riffing off Kevin Kelly's theme in this short video, I comment on what is this trend means for creators, curators, publishers and consumers. This video is part of a new series of short videos I filmed in Switzerland, this summer (all between 5-10 minutes) – visit my Youtube channel to ...


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