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Short video: I program my media – it does not program me (switching from Push to Pull)

Broadcasting (TV, Radio) is switching from Push to Pull.  And so is advertising!  Let me know what you think:) Related articles Content Futures: short video by Futurist Gerd Leonhard (mediafuturist.com)

Short video interview from Future Media Days Norway: The Future of Media (via Betatales)

BetaTales's John Einar Sandvand did a short but concise interview with me, during my engagement at Future Media Days Norway (Oslo), November 16, 2010 (see the slides / pdf, here).  A snippet:   "One of the most important trends is the transformation from a Copy Economy to Access Economy. Traditionally media business ...

Must-watch video from TOC 2011: Kevin Kelly on “Better than Free: How Value Is Generated in a Free Copy World”

Absolutely brilliant and fascinating stuff by one of my favorite thinkers (and a great influence on my own work), Kevin Kelly.  This is one of his most concise talks and he really covers IT ALL in here so… be sure to spend 25 minutes on this video; it's ...

The Future of TV and Social Media (video from MIPTV, April 2010)

A couple of interesting morsels in this talk: the flat-out convergence of TV and the Web – and what it really means. And here is the Blip.Tv version

Video: Clay Shirky at Google Talks

Clay's presentation at GoogleTalks is well worth watching. "The author of the breakout hit 'Here Comes Everybody' reveals how new technology is changing us from consumers to collaborators, unleashing a torrent of creative production that will transform our world. For decades, technology encouraged people to squander their time and intellect as passive consumers. Today, ...

Video: the Future of Music in a digital world (Dublin event)

Below is a short Youtube clip from my presentation at CMC Dublin, June 11, 2010 (more details. and the PDF etc, are here). I also recorded the event on my own Kodak Zi8 but am currently having some trouble converting it into flash, so right now you can only watch ...

Video: the TV of the Future (cutting the cord)

Below is a very interesting video showing how you can watch TV online without  (in theory) having to pay for Cable TV – interesting trend, for sure. I'm not sure OTT video is quite ready for mainstream yet (certainly the content providers / rights-owners are not;) but this is a trend ...

RodaViva Video, Part 2: from buying copies to bundling access

I just uploaded another 8-minute chunk of video from my appearance on the Brazilian RodaViva TV Show, on my Youtube channel. Some excerpts: we are transitioning from buying copies to buying access. Google just maybe the first company that actually wants to build and maintain a win-win-win ecosystem – ...

Complete video and audio from my appearance on Roda Viva / TV Cultura (Brazil), April 2010

This is the complete, 75-minute video of my appearance on Brazil’s most popular talk show on Public TV, called Roda Viva (on the TV Cultura channel). I was delighted to be invited to the show, and really enjoyed being ‘grilled’ by the super-smart journalists and Brazilian media experts in ...

A must watch: full-length video of my talk on the Future of Communications and Social Media at NBS Brazil

Here is a real must-watch: a 90 minutes tour-de-force on pretty much anything you'd ever want to know on the Future of Communications, Marketing, Advertising, and (Social) Media. This presentation (and the event that was put on by the NBS agency who have also graciously provided this video recording) got ...


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