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TheFutureShow episode #4 is now available: the coming automation of everything

The 4th episode of my new web-TV series ‘The Future Show (TFS) with Gerd Leonhard’ was just released, on the juicy topic of ‘the automation of everything’, see more details below. Overall, TFS is really picking up steam, with the first episode nearing 100.000 views and the others not trailing far ...

The Future Show episode 3 is now available: the future of work and jobs

More details at TheFutureShow.tv This is episode #3 of The Future Show (TFS) with Gerd Leonhard, season 1. Topics: In the future, most repetitive or machine-like tasks and jobs will be largely offloaded to ultra-smart software and intelligent machines, wether in the manufacturing, financial services, government, transportation or technology sectors. By ...

The 2nd episode of The Future Show is now available: the future of knowledge and learning

Today I am delighted to present episode #2 of The Future Show with Gerd Leonhard. The first episode on ‘privacy failure’ already gathered over 70.000 clicks! If you like this one, please do share it as widely as possible. Thanks! A big thank you once again to my producer Shaheera Asante De Waele In ...

TheFutureShow.tv website is live: intro video today, big launch on Monday! You can help, too:)

Today is a big day for me as I am taking the first veil off my latest project: The Future Show with Gerd Leonhard (TFS). You can now view my short introduction and overview video on the brand-new TFS site, or below. This is only a short clip in which ...


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