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Interesting Chart: Global Trust Levels In Business And Governments (via Statista), my 2 cents

80 percent of people surveyed in 27 markets across the globe distrust their governments, businesses or both, according to Edelman’s 2015 Trust Barometer. Looking at several key countries in the survey, distrust is most rampant in Britain, France, Germany, Russia and the United States….In Russia, 54 percent of people trust ...

The future of advertising will be… Good stuff via The Media Online

Trust will be everything. Social media and our real-time connections have prompted a new age of transparency and consciousness around values, motivations, behaviors and outcomes of institutions. Doing good marketing and advertising means embracing responsibility and accountability throughout your organization’s entire value chain. via The future of advertising will be… | ...

Content to Context: The Future of Media (short video)

Content to Context: The Future of Media (Gerd Leonhard)Originally uploaded by gleonhard As the web becomes ubiquitous, everywhere, and mobile access dwarfs computers, we are seeing a key shift in the way that people use (fka consume) content. While it used to be good enough to present high-quality and professional content ...

Youtube vs. GEMA & PRS, Kindle vs Book Authors, Google’s free Music in China: so what is the value of Content?

I think 2009 will be a key year for the content industries, the creators, media companies, platforms, labels, publishers and other middle(wo)men. In 2009, the value of content – starting with music and news – is being redefined for the Internet age. The gloves are off: the music rights societies ...

Information Culture to… Conversation Culture

The fight for Control was a fight for Distribution.The flight for Attention is a fight for Trust.The beneficiaries of Control were Monopolies.The beneficiaries of Trust are those that can Collaborate.The Future of Marketing and Advertising is CONVERSATIONS. Related articles by Zemanta New video: shifting values and the future of advertising and marketing ...

Privacy: Google says Trust is the basis of everything

This is the key mission for Google’s Future: Maintain and curate TRUST. Link: E-Commerce News: Privacy: Google Makes Room for Privacy. And I think they’ll do it, too! "Google values our users’ privacy first and foremost," wrote Marisa Meyer, Google’s vice president for search products and user experience, on the company’s Official ...


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