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How You, I, and Everyone Got the Top 1% All Wrong (great piece on inequality by Derek Thompson)

Another great ‘penny-drop’ piece by Derek Thompson / TheAtlantic. Really made me think about inequality and how dramatic it has become in the U.S., particularly How You, I, and Everyone Got the Top 1 Percent All Wrong It’s even more egregious than that. An amazing chart from economist Amir Sufi, based on the ...

Revolt Against the Robot Uprising ? The key to defeating robots -in movies and in real life- is doing what they can’t (via Entrepreneur.com)

Why You Should Revolt Against the ‘Robot Uprising’ According to statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the manufacturing industry lost 2.3 million jobs in the most recent recession. Since then, factories have only regained 526,000 jobs, a sad sign of Jobs’ visionary nature. A promotional video on the Mac Pro’s assembly clearly shows ...

Big Data Is Just a Big Scam?

Made me think! Big Data Is Just a Big Scam https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2455435,00.asp This all harkens back to a comment made by a former CEO of American Express, who told an audience that if the company wanted to (and this applies to all credit card companies) it could use your personal buying habits and tendencies ...

Future economy: Many will lose jobs to computers (via USAToday)

The future of work and jobs is quickly becoming a major theme in my work this year. Read this piece below for context. Future economy: Many will lose jobs to computers via USA TODAY Workers wanting secure employment in coming decades will need skills that complement software applications, rather than compete with ...

What if economic growth is no longer possible in the 21st century (good read via TheWeek.com)

This post is spot-on and brings up some key questions. Be sure to read the whole thing. What if economic growth is no longer possible in the 21st century? One possible scenario, with surprisingly good news for average Americans, is that constraints on growth will force political leaders to accept redistribution as ...

The Pointlessness of Unplugging : The New Yorker (good read related to my Digital Obesity meme)

Interesting point below; yet I think of unplugging more like scheduling a diet – just having a few days where you eat less, and get hungry again… The Pointlessness of Unplugging : The New Yorker That is why, I think, the Day of Unplugging is such a strange thing. Those who unplug ...

Airbnb doesn’t even own a bed, but its backers think it’s more valuable than Hyatt – Quartz

Pretty amazing – digital economics and hyper-efficiency at work;) Airbnb, the website emblematic of the “sharing economy” that matches up travelers online with people looking to rent out rooms or entire homes, is close to securing fresh funding that would value the business at $10 billion, the Wall Street Journal (paywall) reported this morning. Astonishingly, ...

View from my temporary ‘workplace’ here in São Paulo

Video Sao Paulo on a sunny day— HUGE CITY.MOV Spending a day here for the NextNow in Sao Paulo

Could robots be the journalists of the future? Not quite yet says the Guardian:)

Not quite yet I guess… But they could make for some nice assistants? Could robots be the journalists of the future? https://www.theguardian.com/media/shortcuts/2014/mar/16/could-robots-be-journalist-of-future Forbes.com already uses an artificial intelligence platform provided by the technology company Narrative Science to generate automated news from live data sets and content harvested from previous articles. What makes it possible ...

Experts Predict the Internet’s Next Decade – NBC News (good read)

 Experts Predict the Internet’s Next Decade – NBC News https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/internet/experts-predict-internets-next-decade-n49496 Wearables could monitor more than just steps, predicted UC Berkeley’s Aron Roberts — or do more than just monitor: “We may literally be able to adjust both medications and lifestyle changes on a day-by-day basis or even an hour-by-hour basis.”


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