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Why Voice Assistants Will Give You a Headache (great read via Backchannel / Wired)

  “Picture this: It’s evening and, after a long day at the office, you’re finally home. You’re cutting some avocados as you prepare dinner when your voice assistant pipes up and reads you an important email that just came in. Without breaking your chopping stride, you dictate a reply—perfecting your guacamole ...

Silicon Valley Utopianism the Dystopian Trump Presidency (Wired.com)

In the wake of the election, some despairing technologists have wondered how to improve the products and systems that led to this result. “There are things we were optimizing for that had unintended consequences,” says Justin Kan, a venture capitalist at Y Combinator and co-founder of Twitch. In designing to ...

To Make AI More Human, Teach It to Chitchat (Wired)

Good and pretty funny read on Wired.com TOM WAS DISCUSSING the film star Tang Wei with a chatbot named XiaoIce, and the bot was excited: “A goddess! She stole my heart … and then went off and married!” Married who? “Haven’t you heard?” XiaoIce replied. “Tang Wei is engaged to famous Korean director ...


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