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A short podcast on the future of jobs: STEM and HECI (humanity, ethics, creativity, imagination)

I just added a new ad-hoc podcast on the future of work and jobs on my Audioboom channel. This is a hugely important topic that will need some major attention from governments, corporations, SMEs and the entirely educational system. My key message: automation and robotization will dramatically and exponentially i.e ‘gradually then suddenly‘ ...

The future of work: technology is rapidly automating every single job that has any machine-like component (my guest post at Economic Times India)

… just went live here.   Download the PDF: economic times india gerd leonhard future of work or read more, below. “The concept of ‘work’ has been at the heart of both the industrial as well as the information society, along with ‘jobs’ and ‘growth’ and that most rapidly outmoding term, GDP (expect ...


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