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2020Plus: Social Futurist’s Twelve Trends for 2012

De-Gadgetisation – 2012 will see a drive to recalibrate our reliance on digital communications. New studies will emerge showing the impact of Absent Presence and Constant Partial Attention, which limit human ...

Great summary on what I think about the Future of Education (short video)

Excerpt from my Roda Viva (Brazil) appearance last year. Related articles Some of my best interviews and related media coverage of my work (PDFs) (mediafuturist.com) Create the future by Crafting the Best End Game (futurist.com) New video: 11-minute summary: The Networked Society (presentation at Ericsson event, Mobile World Congress 2011) (mediafuturist.com) Short video interview from ...

The Future of TV and Social Media (video from MIPTV, April 2010)

A couple of interesting morsels in this talk: the flat-out convergence of TV and the Web – and what it really means. And here is the Blip.Tv version

Tim Berners-Lee video: 1991: type in ‘hypertext’ and feel the power of the links

Image via Wikipedia Tim Berner's Lee, the co-inventor of the Internet (CERN, August 1991), with a brief statement on how it all got started – a nice reminder;) Related articles by Zemanta Tech Weekly: Sir Tim Berners Lee and the BBC's Virtual Revolution (guardian.co.uk)


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