You may not know this about me but I was a professional musician, teacher and producer for 12 years before the Internet bug got a hold of me. During this time, I made an instructional video entitled “Guitar Concepts” that sold quite a few copies and teaches aspiring Jazz and Rock guitarists some very useful improvisational skills using double-stops, triads and various interval techniques I picked up while at Berklee College of Music in Boston. This video was produced in 1991 and I sure looked different back then 🙂 And I certainly wish I could still play like this, as well…

A very special thanks to all my great teachers during those days (1982-1991): Brian Pardo, Tuck Andress, Jon Damian, William Leavitt and many others. You were the best!

You can download the entire video as an MP4 file (converted from VHS so… not entirely HD quality, sorry) for a whopping $2 (yes, another experiment) via my new Gumroad shop.


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