Will humanity need its own protection agency? Scenes and slides from the Technology vs Humanity book launch event in London

Thanks everyone for coming to this event – here is what happened :)) The actual slide deck from last night (PDF): technology-versus-humanity-futurist

The book is now available in all formats, of course: buy now before it’s too late:) Amazon | FastFuture Publishing)

A gallery of my key slides:

Some pics from the event:

gerd-leonhard-signing-books-tvh-jfc gerd-leonhard-signing-techvshuman-book-london-tvh gerd-leonhard-speaks-hands-open-tvh-jfc-london gerd-leonhard-speaks-reach-out-tvh-jfc-london gerd-leonhard-speaking-become-as-good-jfc-tvh

Best of my slides:

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