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When Moore’s Law Met AI – Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Computing – Medium

“AI is bigger than Moore’s Law In a nutshell, this shift by Tesla summarizes the kinds of demand machine learning-like applications are going to make on available processing. It isn’t just autonomous vehicles. It will be our connected devices, on-device inferencing to support personal interfaces, voice interactions and augmented reality. In addition, our programming modalities our changing. In the pre-machine learning world, a large amount of ‘heavy lifting’ was done by the brains of the software developer. These smart developers have the task of simplifying and representing the world mathematically (as software code), which then gets executed in a deterministic and dumb fashion. In the new world of machine learning, the software developer needs to worry less about translating the detailed abstractions of the world into code. Instead, they build probabilistic models which need to crunch enormous datasets to recommend a best output. What the programmer saves in figuring out a mathematical abstraction they make up for by asking the computer to do many calculations (often billions at a time). As machine learning creeps across the enterprise, the demand for processing in the firm will increasingly significantly. What kind of impact will this have on the IT industry, its hardware and software suppliers? How will practices change? What opportunities will this create?”

When Moore’s Law Met AI – Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Computing – Medium
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