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In 2020, will global ‘techlash’ move from words to action?

Good read via Politico

“Officials across the EU and North America are finally realizing that just as tech companies are breaking down barriers between various industries, so too must policymakers stop living in silos if they really want to come to grips with how the digital economy works. That includes efforts, already started in 2019, to rethink competition rules to take into account Big Tech’s use of data, as well as an acknowledgement that online misinformation can only be tackled through a combination of beefed-up privacy standards, online consumer protections and electoral rule changes” READ MORE via Politico: In 2020, global ‘techlash’ will move from words to action

The future could be heaven - or it could be hell

"It's time for POLICYMAKERS to move fast and break things"

“If 2019 was defined by the shine coming off much of the tech world, 2020 will be determined by how we all respond to this changing of the guard”

READ MORE via Politico: In 2020, global ‘techlash’ will move from words to action

Into this Western void steps China...

“Into this Western void steps China. Already the world’s second-largest economy — and arguably the only country whose local tech players can compete with those of Silicon Valley — Beijing will press its claim to everyone who will listen that its version of the internet (one, it goes without saying, that lacks almost all personal freedoms) is the true vision of the future. Without a unified Western response to this sales pitch, countries — particularly those with existing authoritarian leanings — will likely turn to China, and not Europe and the U.S., for guidance on how to govern the digital world…”

Will we just accept our loss of privacy, or has the techlash already begun?

Asks Alan Ruthbridger (The Guardian)

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I have been suggesting to create a Global Digital Ethics Council...

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