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“The Good Future” film is an introduction to what will become the dominant focus of my work, going forward: What would a Good Future look like, and what can we do right here and now to bring it about?

I am presenting this film as an opener on some rather complex topics such as energy, food and climate change, fully aware that in the film I am only grazing the surface of each issue – but rest assured that the details will follow!

Continuing with the themes from my last book “Technology vs Humanity”, I will now roll out a series of new speaking topics on the “Good Future” (such as new talks on decarbonization and sustainability, the future of capitalism, technology regulation and social media). I am also working on some ideas for a ‘Handbook for the Good Future’, and I am looking at producing a Good Future feature film or even a TV series, or launching a new web-tv show.

Have a look at the Good Future Film – page . Download the transcript PDF (English) here. New: you can now watch my film with integrated subtitles in ES, PT, FR, DE and EN via vimeo.com/showcase/thegoodfuture and download them as well!

This is the complete version on Youtube (go there for all subtitles and captions)
German subtitled version
Spanish subtitled version
French subtitled version
Portuguese subtitled version
English subtitled version

For more details on this film, extra content, topic-links to all the memes and info-graphics used, audio / video downloads and much more please visit http://www.thegoodfuturefilm.com

Audio version also on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Podcast and Amazon Podcast

Stay tuned via my www.gerd.digital newsletter, my new www.gerd.live microsite and of course via www.futuristgerd.com

Download the audio-only version:




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