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Facebook’s plans to augment reality are as dystopian as they are smart (via TheVerge)

Facebook didn’t shy away from the marketing opportunities AR provides. In fact, it embraced the idea that you could hover your viewfinder over a restaurant and be told its Yelp rating, or find messages your friends leave you in public locales by peering through the camera lens on Facebook’s app. ...

Video and slide-deck from my DOTS2017 Prague keynote: digital transformation, humanity and technology – the future (updated)

This was a really great event here in Prague: DOTS 2017. I enjoyed hearing Satya Nadella speak about his vision on the future of Microsoft – exciting stuff. He’s from the future, too:) DOTS 2017 Praque Digital Transformation Technology Humanity Futurist Gerd Leonhard Public  27 MB PDF Digital technology transforms day-to-day business. Yours too? ...

Cool video: digital future life

Just found this video via my colleague Glen Hiemstra, showing how powerful AR / VR and holograms will become in the near future. Exciting  stuff – but who would want to remain in the ‘real world’ ?  And for most people, life is not merely a game, either:)    

Here are my best-of-2015 slides featuring the most important memes from my 80+ talks – all in one huge slideshare deck!

The end of the year is always a good time to review and reflect upon what worked well, and what did not, so here are those slides, memes and topics that repeatedly struck a chord with my audiences in 2015, covering topics such as artificial intelligence, automation and the future of human work, ...

New video: the future of learning, education and training. Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard at Learning Technologies Conference London, 2015

This video includes my entire keynote plus the conversation with Steve Wheeler (the moderator). The LT15 slides and details are here.

▶ Must-watch: Microsoft's HoloLens Live Demonstration: how we look at reality is rapidly changing. This is big.

Wow. Mind-boggling possibilities. Why would you ever NOT want to wear this:)) This is HellVen, no doubt:)) The challenge is no longer the technology (well, some of that remains), but how it will change who we are (i.e. social, cultural, ethical). Be sure to read this review by ArsTechnica, as well. Some ...

The Future of Grocery Shopping with Glass – YouTube

The Future of Grocery Shopping with Glass – YouTube. Pretty impressive. and odd.

New video: the Future of Technology in a Digital Society (Systematic Forum Paris, June 2012)

This video below is one of my favorite presentations (if I may say so, myself); it just went live on my Youtube channel and on my video feed (use this one to download the whole thing or just subscribe to it on iTunes). This is the complete recording of ...


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