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The Coming Clash Between Man and Machine: Technology versus-and-with humanity?

The Coming Clash Between Man and Machine  by Gerd Leonhard, Future Thinker, Author of Technology vs Humanity You may be busy posting your latest updates on social media or Christmas shopping on Amazon, but maybe unbeknownst to you we are living through the most significant days in human history. Not only is computing poised to soon become ...

My best slides from December 2016: technology and/with/versus humanity?

New deck from flickr !  Read the book now:) Download the PDF: future-challenge-opportunities-futurist-speaker-gerd-leonhard-technology-humanity-collect-public-dec2-2016  24MB

A key message from my ‘Exponential Change’ film: anything that cannot be digitised or automated becomes extremely valuable !

… and that means HUMAN-ONLY skills and idiosyncrasies   Watch the entire film below (4 mins). Download the film (300MB MP4) (OK to reuse under cerative commons attribution non-commercial license)

Are you ready to abdicate your humanity? If not, read my new book “Technology vs. Humanity”

Are ready to Abdicate Your Humanity?  If not, read Technology vs. Humanity  There are many stages in our love affair with technology, starting with the first casual flirtation with mobile phones, email or file-sharing. How cute these now seem as the icons of Big Tech casually contemplate our impending augmentation and bio-technological ...

Explore the key messages in Gerd Leonhard’s book ‘Technology vs Humanity’

(Updated Feb 10, 2017) My new book ‘Technology vs Humanity’ has been available in print and electronic versions since September 2016.  I am now getting way too many interview requests and general questions so I figured it may be useful to provide some simple answers in this ,cheat sheet’, below. I have posted the key memes ...

New Slideshare presentation: the digital transformation of society and business (compilation)

The digital transformation of society and business: 2020. Futurist keynote speaker Gerd Leonhard (compilation) from Gerd Leonhard Download the PDF: Digital transformation future 2020 keynote speaker futurist humanist Gerd Leonhard techvshuman-web 10MB PDF And some best-of images

The global brain is coming: Google launches new AI in the cloud (videos). Hellven is certain!

Watch this video to get a glimpse of what’s coming: search-as-we-know-it is dead or dying (ETA within 5 years), apps are becoming yesterday’s way to interact with services platforms, and intelligent digital assistants (I call them IDAs) will taking their place. The race is on: who will be the dominant ‘global brain’ ...

Video and slides from my presentation at PING Helsinki: the future of content, technology and humanity (updated)

This was a fantastic event at a fantastic location (Langvik near Helsinki)  Event site PING Helsinki Future Content Technology Humanity Gerd Leonhard Public-web  low res 10 MB (PDF) Future of #content – @gleonhard‘s keynote as visual notes by @saurau at the #pinghelsinki event UPDATE May 19: here is the video – thanks to ...

Imperial Ambitions: Mark Zuckerberg and AI (must-read via The Economist)

The key message:  “In a decade’s time computing seems likely to take the form of AR interfaces mediated by AI, using gestures and speech for inputs and the whole world as its display” Imperial ambitions (via The Economist): Mark Zuckerberg prepares to fight for dominance of the next era of computing… And some ...

Medium and Twitter founder Ev Williams says it all: ‘We put junk food in front of them and they eat it’

A very interesting bottom line! It’s understandable why media on the web is like it is today,” Williams tells the Guardian. “That’s not to say there’s not a lot of great stuff out there, but a lot of people are dissatisfied with it. A lot of journalists who want to do ...


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