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Meine Präsentation: Bucerius Symposium Hamburg “Schafft der Mensch den Menschen ab”

Hier ist das Slidedeck | Here is the PDF (in German).  More details about the event here. PDF 20MB:  Technologie und Mensch Bucerius Lab Hamburg Gerd Leonhard Public Deck low res   Technology vs. Humanity? Die Gelegenheiten und Herausforderungen der nächsten 10 Jahre Gerd Leonhard // Moderation: Daniel Opper Der digitale Fortschritt beschleunigt sich rasant: ...

New podcast: a conversation with futurists Richard Watson and Gerd Leonhard, discussing our new books: Digital vs Human, and Technology vs Humanity

Here is a brand-new podcast with my futurist colleague Richard Watson who just published a great book called ‘Digital vs Human‘. Richard’s book is a great read; he addresses very much the same topics and issues than my own book ‘Technology vs Humanity’ in much the same way (albeit with ...

The future of media and content is not (just) about technology: it's about Humanity (short video by Futurist Gerd Leonhard)

Would love to know what you think about this… A short message from me: And here’s the entire talk: And don’t forget to watch my new video on tech vs humanity 

PDF with my slides: presentation at Eyes & Ears 2015 in Cologne: Future of Media in a new Ecosystem

Here are more details on this event The future of media: paywill models, robot journalists… and a new media ecosystem The content industries are beginning to come out of ‘the valley of death’, i.e. the era of when everything had to be free and instant. Mobile platforms are emerging as a big ...

New video, with transcript: the future of media, news and publishing, with Ross Dawson (Meeting of the Minds # 6)

The latest Meeting of the Minds (MOTM) show is now online, see below; again with fellow futurist Ross Dawson.  For this one, we’ve also had a transcription done – download it via dropbox or via my owncloud Ross Dawson also has a good summary of our conversation Some of the ...

Here are my presentations at DeHaagse Hogeschool in TheHaque NL (today)

Great event at DeHaagse Hogeschool ‘onderwijsdag’ today! Part 1: Keynote speech on future of education, universities and technologies / ICT Dropbox: 10MB Owncloud (Gerd): 26MB high res PDF (NEW) Part 2: Presentation and discussion on the wireframing the future of universities (please note: most of these slides weren’t actually showsn due to the ...

China’s internet: A giant cage (via The Economist), dissidents in China say “freedom is knowing how big your cage is”

Fascinating piece on the Internet in China. “The fastest growth in internet use is in China’s poorer, more rural provinces, partly because of a surge in users connecting via mobile devices, which now outnumber those connecting from computers. The internet is no longer confined to an urban, educated and relatively well-off ...

Good video by Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong (Ted Talks)

Every NGO and non-profit should watch this talk – many really great morsels here. Activist and fundraiser Dan Pallotta calls out the double standard that drives our broken relationship to charities. Too many nonprofits, he says, are rewarded for how little they spend — not for what they get done. Instead ...

Mary Meeker: Asset-Heavy Lifestyle Is Being Replaced With Asset-Light Value

Interesting post, below, and some related Mary Meeker slides on the same topic (go here to see the entire KPCB 2012 Trends-Set) Asset-light is a clear trend, imho. Mary Meeker: Asset-Heavy Lifestyle Is Being Replaced With Asset-Light Value | Social Revolution. “Meeker reports that people are shedding assets, turning from away from ...

JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out (forget the ‘fear of missing out’ aka FOMO)

Just found this in this very clued-in presentation by JTW Intelligence on Slideshare (100 things to watch out for in 2013). At least in my life, this trend is getting very real:))


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