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Offline is the new luxury! A short conversation with Futurist, Keynote Speaker and Author Gerd Leonhard

Download the MP4 file: PUBLIC #6-Offline-Luxury-GERD-LEONHARD-Sophia-series-2018 low res2 34MB All else at 🙂    

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? Some serious food for thought via The Atlantic

“A generation shaped by the smartphone and by the concomitant rise of social media. I call them iGen. Born between 1995 and 2012, members of this generation are growing up with smartphones, have an Instagram account before they start high school, and do not remember a time before the internet. ...

Resist the Internet – read this nicely put heretic piece

  “Compulsions are rarely harmless. The internet is not the opioid crisis; it is not likely to kill you (unless you’re hit by a distracted driver) or leave you ravaged and destitute. But it requires you to focus intensely, furiously, and constantly on the ephemera that fills a tiny little screen, ...

Digital Obesity or Analogue Anorexia? Welcome to the Future (expanded excerpt from “Technology vs Humanity”)

No escape from the data tsunami? Note: this post has been excerpted, expanded and adapted from my new book “Technology vs Humanity” (read more here, buy it on Amazon, buy singles or bulk orders from  the publisher – use discount code GL1)   The amount of information, data and media information available to us is growing ...

Anticipatory computing: short WSJ video on: Apple, Google: We Know What You Want Before You Do

Read the WSJ piece (if you can make it past their annoying pay wall) Watch and think. Where is this going? A cloud-OS of outsourced thinking?  

How Facebook Makes Us Dumber – confirmation bias is a huge issue on large social networks

Just found this interesting piece on Bloomberg by Cass Sunstein – consider this when thinking about your Facebook commitment 🙂 Notice my fav quote below :))) ” A new study focusing on Facebook users provides strong evidence that the explanation is confirmation bias: people’s tendency to seek out information that confirms their ...

How websites and apps are designed for compulsion, even addiction. Do we need regulation? M. Schulson via AEON (relates to my digital obesity meme)

Michael Schulson just published this provocative piece via the amazing – and it’s a good read if you are wondering just how humanity and technology will intersect (or converge?) in the near future. Is this ‘convergence’ engineered by those that own the turf? What about Google’s AI plans and their ‘global brain’ ...

Never offline with the Apple Watch – great gif ! Yet: offline is the new luxury

This really nails it – from TIME magazine Sept 22 2014   (and btw – our brains are next!) Another truth – offline is the new luxury:) source

Frank Diana just published a great review and summary of my recent KPMG Exec Symposium talk on Automation and Robotics

READ MORE on Frank Diana’s blog:  At a recent KPMG Robotic Innovations event, Futurist and friend Gerd Leonhard delivered a keynote titled “The Digital Transformation of Business and Society: Challenges and Opportunities by 2020”. I highly recommend viewing the Video of his presentation. As Gerd describes, he is a Futurist focused on ...

My latest audioboom and podcast on #maketechhuman – the future of man and machine

Here is a short audio podcast riffing off the recent Wired/Nokia campaign (no idea where they got this concept :)))


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