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Google is Reportedly Looking to Take Over Call Centers With Its Duplex AI Assistant (automation is finally getting real) via Gizmodo

  “If Google can find its way into the business of automated phone calls for companies, it could creep its way into a massive profit center. The research firm ResearchAndMarkets projects the cloud-based customer call center market will reach about $21 billion by 2022—up from $6.8 billion in 2017. Of course, as ...

Slide-deck from my talk at the PWC Banking Day in Luxembourg today

PwC Banking Day 2018 – Banking on the move: embracing new dynamics This year’s edition will be focused on Banking on the move: Embracing new dynamics. 2017 has been another year of boundless change for the Luxembourgish business environment and we expect that 2018 will be much the same. We very much look forward ...

Tech Giants, Once Seen as Saviors, Are Now Viewed as Threats (via NYT)

  In Europe, the ground is already shifting. Google’s share of the search engine market there is 92 percent, according to StatCounter. But that did not stop the European Union from fining it $2.7 billion in June for putting its products above those of its rivals. A new German law that fines ...

Audio version of my keynote at eUnited dinner in Brussels, slide-deck download: exponential technological change and the digital manufacturing revolution

  This is the complete recording from the EUnited dinner debate at the Bibliotheque Solvay in Brussels, Dec 7, 2016 – thanks to EUnited for making this recording available. EUnited AISBL Dinner Debate and Competitiveness Review 7 December 2016 “The digital manufacturing revolution and what it means for the machinery & equipment business” eunited Brussels ...

My presentation at ConnectGov in Thimphu, Bhutan, today: technology for humanity: managing a disruptive world

Here are my slides from this amazing event in Thimphu, Bhutan, today. Technology for Humanity: Managing a Disruptive World Disruption can displace existing market, industry or technology. It can also produce 10.00 am something new, challenging and even innovative. It is all at once destructive and creative at the same time. How do ...

The latest exponential and combinatorial illustration of what the future will bring (via Frank Diana)

Frank always has some thoughtful stuff to contribute – read more here For those new to the visual, it attempts to identify several factors that converge to create or shape our future. This emerging future cannot be predicted, but can be rehearsed at some level if we can envision convergence, implications, ...

The digital transformation of shared services – slides from my keynote in Stockholm today

From my talk at Nordic Shared Services Digital transformation shared services nordic gerd leonhard speaker public High Res 20 PDF Low res version 4.1 MB PDF  Digital transformation shared services nordic gerd leonhard speaker public-web And some of the best images:

The best story for understanding exponentiality: rice corns on the chessboard (video)

Just found this video:) Here is the best written explanation of the concept The must-read book Exponential Organisations, by my colleague Yuri van Geest Podcast, Exponential Keynote (Gerd) My video on what all of this means And as usual, some images on this topic:)

Futurist Gerd Leonhard: some key messages on automation

Here is a few things and best-of materials I have compiled on automation, robotization and AI/IA. Enjoy! Guardian piece with some key quotes by me  Will automation and the internet of things lead to mass unemployment? My blog posts on automation  Recent interview in (with video) Automation: the key ‘ations’ My other Youtube videos on ...

Here are the slides from today’s Accenture Alumni event in Zuerich: Transformation 2020

Thanks to Accenture Switzerland for hosting me!  Here are the slides: Accenture Alumni Transformation 2020 Zurich Public-web  8MB PDF Low res High res 25MB PDF via Dropbox aka Related: technology versus humanity film listen to ‘Digital Transformation Gerd Leonhard Accenture Alumni Switzerland 2015 Event’ on audioBoom Download the audio file via dropbox // And some ...


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