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New film by Futurist Gerd Leonhard: Technology vs Humanity – the future is already here!

I am delighted to present this exciting new film on the key topics of my recent Technology vs Humanity book. We shot this in Barcelona, earlier this year, and some of the footage is really special I think. The light and the land/city-scape is just amazing! If I may say so myself, the core ...

Download Futurist Gerd Leonhard's books for free (PDF), via GerdCloud: Future of Content, Friction is Fiction and more

Greetings, as you may know, I have shared most of my books via my “GerdCloud” public dropbox folder for quite some time now.  Just in case you’ve missed this, here they are, individually. Happy reading!  Folder with PDFs of all books via GerdCloud The Future of Content (2011): Dropbox or direct download Friction is Fiction  (2010): Dropbox ...

Visit to download all my free books, essays, latest presentations etc is where I make everything available for free downloading, i.e. my books, my essays, my PDFs, my presentation and videos – and yes, it’s just a fancy name for a public dropbox folder 🙂 ENJOY.  Thanks to Chris Snook from FCSW14 for making this nice image:)  

From Ego to Eco: my big theme for the next 12 months (slideshow)

Some of you may have heard that I am working on a new book called "From Ego to Eco – why business as usual is killing us and what to do about it". You can see some of my early work on this powerful meme here and here; and below ...

The decade to 2020 is set to be our Detox Decade :)

"The decade to 2020 is set to be our Detox Decade, in which we are forced to abandon unsustainable mindsets, behaviors, and valuation models" Read this book! The Zeronauts: Breaking the Sustainability Barrier eBook: John Elkington: Kindle StoreGreat book – must read! via

Resource: Top 50 breakthrough capitalism books | Guardian Sustainable Business

Guardian Sustainable BusinessFinance · Adaptation via A crowd-sourced list of 50 books that capture the spirit of breakthrough capitalism. Great resource. You can see my shared reading notes from the books I like, here at Amazon.

Some quotes from Yoshai Benkler’s latest book: The Penguin and the Leviathan: How Cooperation Triumphs over Self-Interest

Via my Kindle shared bookmarks feed, some seriously insightful stuff from one of my favorite intellectuals, Yoshai Benkler. "The shift toward a more optimistic, human, and humane view (of human society) —that we as individuals can be motivated to productive ends by engaging one another socially and creating ...

Free PDFs of my 2 books on the music industry: Music 2.0 (2009), and The Future of Content (2012)

UPDATE Dec 3 2016: Here are my 2 books on the future of music as free PDF downloads (creative commons non-commercial attribution licensed). Enjoy. the-future-of-content-gerd-leonhard-oct2011lres-copy music20book_hires-1 My 2009 book Music 2.0 and my 2012 The Future of Content book. Buy them (and my new book ‘Technology vs Humanity‘) on Amazon if you want. About Music ...

Mission 2012: Green Futures. Plus, my first public talk on Green Business: EcoSummit Berlin March 22nd

This year I am embarking on a new, additional mission. You may have already noticed in my Twitter feed and via my Facebook updates that I am expanding my work into various 'green' topics such as sustainability (in particular what has been termed 'sustainable capitalism), climate change and global warming, ...

Short video: I program my media – it does not program me (switching from Push to Pull)

Broadcasting (TV, Radio) is switching from Push to Pull.  And so is advertising!  Let me know what you think:) Related articles Content Futures: short video by Futurist Gerd Leonhard (


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