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Anything that can be digitised or automated, will be – but anything that cannot will become extremely valuable (new gif)

    Download the .mov file: anything digitized or not useless humans vs androrithms final Read more about Androrithms (that which cannot be digitised)

The most important bottom lines from Futurist Gerd Leonhard’s “Technology vs Humanity” book, in 5 minutes (video)

Here is a brand-new video my TFA Studio team and me recorded a few weeks ago, explaining the key memes set forth in my new book “Technology vs Humanity”, such as Androrithms, The Megashifts, Exponentiality, Artificial Intelligence and much more.  Watch this short film if you’re interested in my book, or ...

Technology vs. Humanity: a Forbes interview with Futurist /Author Gerd Leonhard

Thanks to Paul Armstrong for conducting this interview on my new book Technology vs. Humanity (pre-order via the site while the discount still applies:)).    Read this exclusive preview PDF about my book: Technology-vs.-Humanity Gerd Leonhard Preview Here are some of the best excerpts: “Technology is no longer just a tool we use to ...

New video in German language: Zurück von der Zukunft – Digitale Transformation 2020 (Keynote at RWE Forum Essen, 11/2015)

Finally, here it is Please visit my German site for more details   Hier sind die Slides von diesem Event in Essen Der Futurist Gerd Leonhard zeigt, wie technische Neuerungen in der Robotik unseren Alltag ebenso verändern werden, wie die gesellschaftliche Werteverschiebung hin zu mehr Nachhaltigkeit. Gerd Leonhard lebte 15 Jahre lang in den USA und ...

Every great algorithm needs a great ‘humarithm’

Here are some details as to what the difference actually is:) More posts tagged with humarithms Tweets about #Humarithms @gleonhard//

Slides and video: Gerd Leonhard at Open Innovations Forum 2015, Moscow: the future of humanity in a world of exponential technologies

Automation and robotization of technology, new materials, 3D printing, modern engineering, digital technology and artifical intelligence change not only industrial and business models, but also human lifestyle and employment patterns. At the Forum we will discuss new technologies, innovations and the future of labor market, and also the possibilities and ...

The digital transformation of business and society: new video of Gerd Leonhard’s complete Keynote at Hello World Orange Business Event Lago Maggiore

Thanks to Orange Business for providing this nicely recorded video! Also read  Gerd at Orange Business (download the slides, too)  

The Choice Ahead Regarding Digital Technology (crucial piece by John Hagel) #manmachine – and 4 short videos from me

I’m a huge John Hagel fan. He nails it again in this new Druckerforum piece that you absolutely must read, today, on the topic of technology versus humanity.  Here are the best snippets (emphasis by me): “Here’s another paradox: the rise and spread of industrial society was at one level a product ...

My presentation on the future of connectivity at Telecoms World Middle East TWME 2015, Dubai

It was a pleasure to be at this unique event. Thanks to Terrapinn for asking me to do this keynote. Here are the slides from today: high res via dropbox (42 MB PDF) or Connectivity Future Telecommunications ICT Gerd Leonhard Dubai Futurist Public-web  12MB PDF KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: CONNECTIVITY AS THE VEHICLE AND DRIVER ...


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