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The very first edition of my Digital Ethics newsletter is now available!

This is a new collaboration with TFA’s new curator PeterVan. Subscribe here. Read the first issue here. Welcome to my brand-new Digital Ethics newsletter, a weekly set of curated articles and must-reads from the intersection of technology and humanity, handpicked by me and my team. As many of you may know, Digital Ethics ...

New video excerpt from my keynote at Netapp Insight 2018: with great power comes great responsibility #digitalethics

  Download these videos via Watch the complete keynote on my Youtube channel Netapp 2018-Gerd-Leonhard-Futurist-Gerd-on-Stage-Power-And-Responsibility. 50MB MP4 download

Video compilation: the best moments from Futurist Gerd Leonhard’s 2018 keynotes – must watch!

  2018 was an amazing year, with some really great gigs – over 100x in 30 countries. Now, my producer and art director Jean Francois Cardella and the TFA Studio team has compiled the best moments in this fast-moving video. If you want to know what I do, and what my ...

6 exciting new videos with short excerpts from a recent keynote on Technology & Humanity, Big Data, Digital Ethics, Singularity, Skills of the Future and more!

Thanks to Netapp for inviting me to speak and for making the video footage available!  Download all videos as MP4 files via the GerdCloud. Subscribe to my Youtube channel. Check out my book Technology vs Humanity. Machines that can THINK, LEARN? AI? With an IQ of 100.000? Digital Ethics is the #1 ...

Futurist Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard on-stage: short videos with best quotes on humanity and technology (#4 and 5)

These 2 short videos just went live, featuring some nice nuggets from a recent talk. On the shift toward creative jobs, EQ over IQ #4 Download the MP4 via GerdCloud How computable are we? What makes us human? #5  Download the MP4 file

Apple’s Tim Cook makes blistering attack on the ‘data industrial complex’. READ THIS NOW

    “At its core this technology promises to learn from people individually to benefit us all. But advancing AI by collecting huge personal profiles is laziness, not efficiency,” Cook continued. “For artificial intelligence to be truly smart it must respect human values — including privacy. If we get this wrong, the dangers ...

Free book excerpt from ‘Navigating the digital age’ by PaloAltoNetworks: The Ethics of Technology and the Future of Humanity

I’m very excited about my contribution to this amazing new book that was just published by Palo Alto Networks, entitled ‘Navigating the digital age’ (yes, it’s free – just follow the link). My chapter (12) is about the Ethics of Technology and the Future of Humanity). Download the  free PDF:  The Ethics ...

New short film on IA, AI and AGI: will the machines take over? Or will we simply become like them?

Brand new:)  New: download the MP4 via Vimeo Watch the entire conversations with gerd playlist    

Tim Renner & Gerd Leonhard Beitrag in „Die Welt”. Wacht auf! Mensch, Technologie und die Zukunft der Politik (MIT VIDEO) German / French

Erschienen am 11.8.2018 in DIE WELT (Achtung: Paywall).  Post auf ansehen. FRENCH translation by Goethe Institut Kanada Update: jetzt mit Video; Science Fiction wird zu Science Fact Von Tim Renner und Gerd Leonhard Wacht auf, Verdammte dieser Erde! Die Zukunft kommt. Sie kommt sogar sehr schnell. Zwar sehen wir noch keine Roboter auf der ...

New short-video series: Futurist Gerd Leonhard on-stage: best quotes and key messages

My art director Jf Cardella and his team are cooking up some really nice, short video examples culled from some recent keynotes, highlighting the key messages and memes in my work. Check out the first 3, here: Download all 3 videos via Subscribe to my Youtube Channel Check out our brand-new store ...


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